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​​​​​​​A concert for children: „Geschöpft! – Eine chinesische Wassermusik“

26 November 2022, 4 pm

27 November 2022, 11.30 am and 4pm

28 November 2022, 10.30 am


„Geschöpft!“ tells the story of a snake-tailed goddess, Nü Wua. She fought the fires and the floods hundreds of thousands of years ago, she saved the earth, kept the sky from collapsing and created humans and animals.

Nü Wua also invented music and so Lin Chen and Lini Gong can make her story resound with percussion and voice. Water is the source of all life and can sound so different! And Nü Wua herself is also involved, Heike Klockmeier brings her to life with paper and fabric.

"Created!" is a world premiere, sponsored by CHINA TIME 2022. The water music is also the crowning finale of the "International Music and Theatre Festival KinderKinder".

Location: Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg

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From 5 to 99 years – ca. 40 Min. – in German language
Percussion: Lin Chen
Voice: Lini Gong
Puppetry: Heike Klockmeier
Puppet construction: Jürgen Maaßen
Composition: Ying Wang
Play: Stephan v. Löwis of Menar

Veranstaltungsort: Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg