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Four artistic projects: ONGOINGNESS

Gängeviertel e.V., Künstler:innenhaus Frise, St. Pauli Archiv and Wendl and Elbe Schauraum

Gängeviertel: Exhibition and panel discussion „Doing Earth“

Preview: 18.11.2022 from 7 pm 
Performance by Xin Cheng 8 pm 
Vernissage: 23.11.2022 from 6 pm 
Performance by Xin Cheng 7 pm

Panel discussion: 27.11.2022 2 pm Hamburg / 8 pm Beijing / 8 am New York
Exhibition: 18.11. -27.11.2022, Thu-Sun 3-8pm

We are in the process of sustainably destroying the planet through overexploitation, overproduction and overpopulation. In this situation, neither technological optimism nor cynical doomsday sentiment is an appropriate stance. DOING EARTH is an analytical approach in which the importance of artistic exploration of ecological-ethical attributions is central. Under the project management of Dagmar Rauwald, an exhibition in the MOM art spaceand a panel discussion in the seminar room of the Gängeviertel will juxtapose transnational views on the subject. The aim of the joint project is to deepen artistic research and dialogue interculturally.

Exhibition with: Liu Ding (Beijing), Anna Lena Grau (Hamburg), Xie Bingxing (Chongquing), Lianxi Zhang (Shanghai), Xin Chen (Auckland), Dagmar Rauwald (Hamburg) and Shan Fan (Hamburg) 
Panel discussion with: Dr. Yanan Xie (Philosopher, Ludwigshafen), Liu Ding (Artist, Beijing), Carol Yinghua Lu (Director Inside-Out Museum, Beijing), Adam Kleinman (Curator, New York), Milan Ther (Director Kunstverein Hamburg), Dagmar Rauwald (Artist Hamburg) and Hongdog Fan (Scientific Researcher, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg) (English with Chinese translation).

Moderation and organisation: Dr. Xin Tong (Postdoc, Shanghai) , Stephanie Fenner (Sinologist and Art Scientist, Berlin) and Dr. Keke Wei (Economist, Hamburg).

Doing Earth
© Kulturbehörde

Artisthouse Frise: „Nur für Essen“

  • 23 - 27 November 2022 - "Only for Food" exhibition
  • 23 November 2022, evening - opening
  • 24 November 2022, afternoon or evening - Workshop "Making Bio Plastic" with Tin Wang
  • 25 November 2022, afternoon - Workshop "Dressing up in Public Space" with Yu Lu and Tin Wang
  • 26 November 2022, evening - Leftover dinner with Chinese chef Mr. Yuan

The Chinese artist collective "Only for Food" understands the human exterior - clothing - as a social filter and uses this idea as a starting point to explore and make visible the identities of different marginalised groups. Against the backdrop of prevailing consumerism, "Only for Food" reflects on the gap between consumer production and basic human needs and desires. In doing so, the collective tries to put a second skin - called "the social skin" by them - on the social space in participatory actions under the project leadership of Regine Steenbock.

Wendland. Elbe Schauraum: „Anfachen Talks“

22 November 2022, 3 and 5pm

The first "Anfachen Talks" will present the 25 winning motifs on the themes of nature and humanity from the international poster design competition "Anfachen Awards VI“ in the Wendland.Elbe showroom at Altona station. The panel includes experts from politics, science and business, such as Prof. Yang Liu from the Berlin School of Design. Julia Melzner will be in charge of the project.

With the winning posters by: Lex Drewinski  (GER/POL), Peng Sun (CHN), Simon Kopitza (GER), Annina Linggi (CHE), Mara Avendaño (GER), Tianwen Yu (CHN), Christof Gassner (GER), Xiaonan Qin (CHN), Kai Huang (CHN) with two motifs, Leon Bukowski (GER), Dan Jin (CHN), Amra Fetiqi (GER), Carolin Löbbert (GER) from Hamburg, Damian Klaczkiewicz (POL), Arseniy Zhukavin (RUS), Jiajia Zhao (CHN), Alena Schmidbauer (GER), Julian Blatter (GER), Sophia Franke (GER), Junjun Fan (CHN), Dominik Straka (GER) from Hamburg, Jiang Yuandong (CHN), Flurin Vögeli (CHE) and Katarzyna Nachman (POL).

St. Pauli Archiv: ONGOINGNESS

Vernissage : 26 November 2022 | Meeting point 3 pm Schmuckstraße 6
Film screening: „Bis die Gestapo kam“ 27.11.2022 Yu Garden – 4 pm

Installations in Schmuckstraße and Paul-Roosen-Straße 30 are open to the public until 15 Dec.

The planning and handling of the event is based on reflections on symbiotic entanglements in the sense of Donna Haraway and makes them visible in the crossover of historical and artistic-experimental approaches. Until the end of the Second World War, Chinese people lived in the quarter around Schmuckstraße, and Dr. Lars Amenda will report on their lives and history. As part of the tour, Dr. Keke Wei and Dagmar Rauwald will talk about an installation of large posters on the neighbouring sports field, which was created in cooperation with the St. Pauli Archive. The lecture thematises overarching thoughts of the interaction of social facts and current issues on climate and shared political responsibility. (German with Chinese translation).

With: Dr. Lars Amenda (Historian Hamburg) , Xin Cheng (Artist Auckland), Stephanie Fenner (Sinologist and Art Scientist, Berlin) Tuo Li (Artist Hamburg), Gunhild Ohl-Hinz (Historian, Hamburg), Dagmar Rauwald (Artist Hamburg), Betram Rotermund (Documentary Filmmaker Hamburg) Dr. Xin Tong (Postdoc, Shanghai), Dr. Keke Wei (Economist Hamburg) und Zhichao Zhu (Artist Hamburg)

Project management: Gunhild Ohl-Hinz and Dagmar Rauwald