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„Future Fashion Project“ des Design Zentrum Hamburg

18 November – 04 December 2022

In collaboration with the "R.I.S.E. Sustainable Fashion Lab" from Shanghai and Hamburg actors, the Design Zentrum Hamburg presents the multimedia exhibition "Future Fashion Project" with various additional events as part of CHINA TIME 2022. The theme is sustainable and digital paths for the fashion of the future. Representatives from Hamburg's fashion industry, universities and the association nextReality Hamburg will be involved.

The presentation of the results of the competition "2022 RISE UP Sustainable Fashion Design Challenge" (Shanghai) is the largest component of the "Future Fashion Project". In addition to the exhibition, there will be multimedia presentations and a fashion show at the vernissage as well as lectures and discussions on the topic of virtual fashion. Another highlight: the exhibition "Fashion Recycling Processes" - an upcycling project created in cooperation with HAW  and Stadtreinigung Hamburg.

© Zhu Yaqi Finalist "RISE UP Sustainable Fashion Design Challenge", R.I.S.E. Sustainable Fashion Innovation Platform, Shanghai