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Exhibition „Clear River, Calm Sea (河清海晏)“

22 November – 11 Dezember 2022

Hand mit Blatt vor grünem HIntergrund
© Ma Haijiao Ma Haijiao, If We Delete Green, If We Start Caring About Plants, Video Still, 2019-2020 Two channel video, colour, sound, 11 minutes 33 seconds; 9 minutes 36 seconds.

Curated by Bettina Freimann, the group exhibition Clear River, Calm Sea河清海晏 (heqing haiyan) presents ten artistic positions that explore the relationship between humans and nature against the backdrop of the global climate crisis. VR simulation, performances, video works, sculptures and photography activate our senses. Immersive experiences, e.g. growing like a tree (Xin Liu) or puffing up feathers like a bird (Jessica Broscheit), place the individual at the centre of the story. Selected are positions from China and Hamburg - an artistic dialogue across continents.

The exhibition is also designed to be CO2 and environmentally friendly: no long-distance flights, recycled materials and local actors. The exhibition will be accompanied by a panel discussion with the art historian Teng Yuning (Centre for Visual Studies of Peking University) and Xiang Zairong from the Hyperimage Group, whose last exhibition project for the Guangzhou Image Triennial in China dealt with "Return of Ecology," "Art of Community," and "Collectivity of Exception".