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CHINA TIME 2022 Hamburg

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CHINA TIME 2022 Hamburg

23rd to 27th of November 2022

In challenging times, the need for informed dialogue on a professional, economic, social and political level becomes increasingly important. Taking place from November 23 - 27 in Hamburg, the 2022 edition of CHINA TIME will focus on the topical issue of global climate change. This year’s CHINA TIME sees the introduction of a newly developed concept and compact format, both of which align well with the event’s overall theme. Visitors can look forward to a rich and varied programme featuring three main events: the CHINA TIME SYMPOSIUM, titled “Discussing EU[1]China Climate Cooperation”, which will be held in the Town Hall; CHINA TIME CULTURE, featuring a wide range of attractions and highlights across Hamburg; and CHINA TIME WEEKEND, which includes a series of topical discussions and exchanges on education and climate change at the Chinese Tea House, Yu Garden.


Der Regenwald von oben
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Seeking a solution for the crises

Focus on climate

Because climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges of the coming years, the topic of climate is the focus of this year's CHINA TIME

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Symposium + China Time Weekend

Plakat CHINA TIME Symposium
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City Hall Hamburg

CHINA TIME SYMPOSIUM „Discussing EU-CHINA Climate Cooperation”

On 23 and 24 November, experts talked about strategies and perspectives to combat the climate crisis.

Chinsesischer Stoff
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China Time Weekend

The CHINA TIME WEEKEND offered two days full of education, culture and science to all Hamburgers on 26 and 27 November.

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Cultural Programme

An external jury appointed by the Department of Culture and Media has curated a diverse cultural programme for the CHINA TIME. Exhibitions, concerts, workshops, performances and lectures deal with this year's main theme of climate change.

18 November 2022

„Future Fashion Project“

Design Zentrum Hamburg: Multimedia exhibition with the topic of sustainable and digital ways for the fashion of the future.

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Hand mit Blatt vor grünem HIntergrund
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from 22. November

Exhibition „Clear River, Calm Sea (河清海晏)“

Ten artistic positions examine the relationship between man and nature in the global climate crisis.

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Mitglieder von Crouching Tiger
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23 November 2022

Tan Dun: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”

Experience the composition of the Oscar winner Tan Dun in a unique interpretation.

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23 - 27 November 2022

Four artistic projects: ONGOINGNESS

The organizers are Gängeviertel e.V., Künstler:innenhaus Frise, St. Pauli Archiv und Wendland.Elbe Schauraum

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26/27/28 November 2022

„Geschöpft! – Eine chinesische Wassermusik“

Concerts for children with instruments, singing and puppetry at China TIME 2022 make it clear that water is the source of all life.

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Partner Events

Logo Helmuth Schmidt Stiftung
Mi, 23 NOV 2022, 14 -17 pm

Sustainable supply chains from a consumer perspective - a workshop for young citizens

In the first part of the workshop, participants receive an introduction to the topic of sustainability, supply chains and participation. In the second part, they develop ideas and proposals to formulate their demands to entrepreneurs and policy makers.

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Thu, 24 Nov 2022, 7 pm

Discussion "China: Climate pioneer or climate sinner?" at the Körber Forum

Despite all the political tensions, the EU and Germany must also cooperate with China on climate protection. We discuss relations with a country that is a climate pioneer and climate sinner with politician Jürgen Trittin, journalist Hongqiao Liu and climate activist Annika Kruse. It will be moderated by Julia Ganter, Körber Foundation.

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General informationen

China Expertise in Hamburg

Twinned with Shanghai for more than 35 years and having carved a niche as a cosmopolitan hub known for its international connections, Hamburg is ideally placed to host a critical forum of exchange between the Republic of China, Germany and Europe. Hamburg and Shanghai have established a wealth of strong partnerships over the years, bringing together public figures and other representatives with expertise in a broad range of fields from across both cities. The cooperation between China and Hamburg spans every aspect of modern life, including education, student exchanges, urban development and tourism. The partnership between the cities is also supported by the Chinese community living in the Hamburg metropolitan region and Hamburg residents with links to China.

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About the initiators

CHINA TIME is a collaborative project with input from key partner institutions under the leadership of the Senate Chancellery of Hamburg. Each institution brings its own expertise and perspective to the initiative, helping to enrich the project and contribute to its success:

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